The main purpose of timing belt is to run the engine camshafts. Timing belt work is valve opening and closing at precise time with up & down movement of pistons so that it name gets Timing belt. Maintenance of Timing belt gets easy by the quality of belts we are supplying so that it gives less maintenance cost. 

FAIZTECH TRADING can supply Bushed roller chains with a variety of load carrying capacity as per suitable to the applications.
We can supply Bushed Roller Chains with many type of steel grades which can give low coefficient of friction, high durability and strength.

FAIZTECH TRADING can also provide our chains with additional welded and integral attachments as per the customer need so that to run the system properly. 

FAIZTECH TRADING Transmission Belts has good characteristic for power transmission solutions and are made of good quality materials. Due to its high effectiveness it has economical usage and saves energy. Because of its high tensile strength it can run in a very high speed.